Frequently Asked Questions

(NEW 1.28.2011) May I request special snow removal services or accomodations?

Yes. If you are in need of special snow removal services or accomodations at your unit, beyond that which is already provided, please contact Dylan Duhr at and your request will be reviewed with Prima Management to determine whether it may be accommodated.

(NEW 10.30.2010) Can all residents participate in the activities of the Land Stewardship Committee?

Yes, all unit owners are invited to and are welcome to attend and participate in the Land Stewardship Committee meetings. While not a voting member, residents are encouraged to attend meetings to discuss and present ideas that could assist in preserving the unique area which makes up the Highland Woods community.

(NEW 10.30.2010) What is the composition of the Land Stewarship Committee?

The chair of the committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee consists of three additional members not to exceed a maximum of five voting members. Chair serves for a minimum of two years and voting members serve for one year and may continue to serve at the Chair's request.

(NEW 10.30.2010) What is the Highland Woods Land Stewardship Committee?

In 2006 there was a Land Maintenance Committee that recommended land remediation projects to the Board of Directors which grew out of specific requests or proposals submitted to the committee from unit owners. That committee was disbanded in 2007 and in September 2010 a new Land Stewardship Committee was approved by the Board of Directors.

The Land Stewardship Committee, as a delegate committee of the Board of Directors, and working in conjunction with the Highland Woods management company, will develop specific plans and provide recommendations on matters pertaining to the common grounds within the approved budget for land activities and to represent the interests of the community at large to maintain and preserve the woodlands at Highland Woods Condominiums.

(NEW 10.30.2010) Which pest control companies are doing business in Highland Woods and are recommended by other unit owners?

There are at least 3 companies that multiple unit owners in the Highland Woods condo community are using and would recommend for pest control:
1. Professional Pest Control (258-3136)
2. Terminex (251-6478)
3. Complete Pest Control (273-2570)

Who bears financial responsibility for the violation of a HWCA rule or regulation?

When a resident violates a rule,regulation, or other mandate of the Board or the membership, neither the homeowners nor the association shall pay for that malfeasance.

What is the number of the non-emergency police hot-line?


What should I do if I notice any suspicious activities that may be occuring?

Any suspicious activity which may escalate into a potential security issue, including the presence of unidentified cars in guest parking with unknown persons engaged in suspicious or illegal activities, should be immediately reported to the non-emergency police hot-line: 255-2345.

What is the responsibility of the buyer regarding condominium documents?

Reference HWCA Rules and Regulations; Section L - Sale of Unit; #5. Statement to Buyer: "Each buyer of a unit shall execute a document at closing (provided by and returnable to the Association through the MA) stating that he/she has obtained the appropriate condominium documents, has reviewed them and agrees to be bound by them."

What is the responsibility of the seller regarding condominium documents?

Reference HWCA Rules and Regulations; Section I - Sale of Unit; #4. Condominium Documents: "The seller shall provide the buyer with a complete copy of all current condominium disclosure materials required by Wisconsin law, including but not limited to: the Association's Declaration, By-Laws, Condominium Rules and Regulations, current budget and operating statement. Copies may be purchased through the MA at the cost set by the Association."

Do I need to keep an outside light on after dusk?

Yes, Reference HWCA Rules and Regulations, Section J.1, Outdoor Lights On, which specifically states,"In lieu of street lights being installed, the Association has required that outside garage and entry lights be turned on after dusk and before sunlight in hope of deterring vandalism and to faciliate residents' movement around the development."

Does the management company offer other professional services?

Prima Management service offers maintenance services that includes but not limited to:
1. Gutter cleaning
2. Dryer vent cleaning
3. Small project maintenance such as garbage disposal repairs/replacement;light fixture repair/installation; painting and carpet cleaning.
Please call 831-4035 to inquire about pricing or assistance with your project.

What are the condominium advantages of living in Highland Woods?

Highland Woods combines the advantages of condominium living with private home ownership. When you buy a home in Highland Woods, you are deeded your house along with a 1/55th undivided interest in all land. The community has an Association, which is responsible for trash pick-up, snow removal, lawn, tree and shrub care, and maintenance common elements such as asphalt roads and concrete curbs.

How is the Highland Woods Condominium Association governed?

The Association has an elected Board of Directors who are all Highland Woods unit owners. Board members are elected for a one-year term at the annual members’ meeting. The Board elects from its membership a President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer to one year terms, and usually there are 1-2 additional Board members without designated responsibility. The Board generally meets quarterly. The volunteer Land Maintenance Committee advises the Board on grounds maintenance, landscaping, and erosion issues.

Who manages the daily business operations for the Association?

On behalf of the Association, The Highland Woods Board of Directors contracts with a management firm to manage the daily business operations. The firm is Prima and the contacts are Rob Schmidt ( Dylan Duhr ( Rob is the HWCA managing authority (MA). Through the management company the association sub-contracts for service providers who provide landscaping services, snow removal, trash pick-up, etc., based on competitive bidding.

What if I have a complaint? Who do I complain to?

The Association's Managing Authority (MA), Prima, is the first person to contact. You may also contact a member of the Board of Directors, but the Board only meets quarterly. Any unit owner may attend a Board meeting to present complaints or discuss a specific issue. While advance notice is appreciated it is not necessary.

How is the monthly assessment determined?

Each year the Board of Directors, after consulting with our manager, projects a budget for the next fiscal year. The Board sends a summary of the budget to each resident and solicits feedback at the annual meeting. After the budget is adopted, each resident receives notice if the assessment changes. These costs are then apportioned to the individual units based on the percentage key included in the Declarations (according to unit square footage).

How do I pay my monthly assessment?

The monthly assessment is due prior to the tenth day of the month and is payable to the management company. We strongly advise residents to sign up for the automatic deduction of the monthly assessment from a personal bank account. Contact Prima Management to set-up access to your unique and secure portal. If you do not sign up for automatic payment, checks can be mailed to the management office at: Highland Woods Condo Association; c/o Prima Management, P.O. Box 620422, Middleton, WI 53562. There is a $10 late fee for each monthly assessment received after the tenth day of the month. Assessments that are delinquent beyond 90 days enter legal proceedings; the unit owner is responsible for cost of proceedings, including attorney fees.

What does the monthly fee cover?

The monthly assessment covers regular and recurring costs (landscaping maintenance, snow removal, management fees, trash removal, sewer drainage fee, etc.) as well as forest stewardship and erosion control. Part of the fee also goes into the Reserve Fund for future maintenance based on long-range planning (replacing asphalt, mailboxes, signage, etc.).

What am I responsible for in maintaining my home?

Residents are responsible for maintaining the exterior and interior of the unit, including regular exterior and trim painting (about every 5-7 years) and replacing the roof (as needed). Since Highland Woods has no street lighting, the Association by-laws requires each unit owner to maintain a functioning solar cell and light bulb on at least one outdoor light. The Association is responsible for maintaining all common elements and limited common elements.

(Updated 4.28.2011) What is the coverage provided by the Association Insurance Policy?

The Association carries a property insurance policy in accordance with the HWCA Declarations for all Common Elements including Limited Common Elements as well as a comprehensive general liability policy (see Declarations: Paragraph 16, Subparagraph D., page D-12). In addition, the association policy provides replacement cost coverage for individual units (see the Amendment to Declarations Paragraph 16, Subparagraph A on page D-36). Specifically, the Association coverage for an individual unit and coverage for an attached unit is limited to the replacement cost of the building structure and anything built into the unit when the unit was originally constructed and other specific items. Examples include the replacement cost of the outer structure, original walls, mechanicals and fixtures, original carpet grade, original appliances and original finishes, such as laminate counter tops to name a few. The insurance carrier has stated that the policy does not cover the value of enhancements or betterments that exceed the replacement cost of the original covered property.

Considerations for Unit Owner Insurance Coverage:

A unit owner should consider obtaining insurance coverage for any improvements or upgrades made to the unit since its original construction – such as hardwood floors, granite counter tops or upgrades in carpet quality to name a few examples. These kinds of policies are often referred to as an HO6 condominium policy. In addition the unit owner is required to carry carrying the appropriate insurance to cover public liability and personal property for the Unit. (See Declarations: 16 Subparagraph B on page D-12) Coverage for the Unit owner’s liability and personal property are NOT included in the association’s policy.
The above discussion is not a complete description of the coverage provided by the Association’s policy and may not be relied on by the Unit owner. Unit owners should provide a copy of the complete policy to the Unit owners insurance agent to determine the appropriate level of coverage needed to protect the Unit owner.
When discussing insurance with your individual insurance carrier you should provide them a copy of the condominium documents including all of the amendments and specifically pages D5 through D7 and D36. Page D-36 contains the Amendment to paragraph 16 A. in the original Declarations and relates to the property insurance policy carried by the Association.

Insurance Company Information:

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
3565 University Ave, Madison, WI 53705.
The agent is Clyde Olson Insurance Agency (608) 238-2000;

Are there any community rules that I must follow as a Highland Woods resident?

Yes. The basic governing instrument consists of the “Disclosure Materials,” including the Declarations and By-Laws, which is supplemented by the “Rules and Regulations” (updated and revised in September 2003). Residents should receive these documents prior to purchase. If you did not, copies are available from the management for a fee to cover the cost of printing.

Without looking through the documents, what are the most important things to know?

All additions or changes to the basic structure of your house must be approved by the the Board of Directors. This is to protect the architectural integrity of the community and to insure adherence to construction standards. The management company can advise you on acceptable exterior paint/trim colors, roofing shingles, and replacement window frames. Other rules that you should know about concern pets and parking.

  1. Pets are limited to two common household animals. Dogs must be walked on a leash and cleaned up after. Dogs cannot be tied up outside your home and cats are not permitted to run loose.
  2. Homeowner's cars must be parked in the garage, carport, or driveway directly adjacent to the garage. Guest parking areas are only for guests and is limited to 7 days for any one guest. No parking is allowed on Highland Woods streets.
(UPDATED 10.30.2010) If I would like to do any landscaping around my home, do I need approval?

Unit owners may design and maintain the landscaping in a five-foot radius around the perimeter of the unit, in keeping with the wooded, casual environment of the area. The Association maintains common areas but not plantings and landscaping in the owner’s five-foot radius. The Land Stewardship Committee (newly re-formed Sept. 2010) advises the Board of Directors on landscaping changes involving common areas. The Association will replace dead trees and shrubs as needed. Additional plantings are done at the unit owner's expense once approved by the Board of Directors. The Association will water common areas during the summer months, using unit owners’ hose connections, although we encourage residents to water trees and shrubs around their own units.

(UPDATED 1.28.2011) When are trash and recyclables picked up?

TRASH (Green bucket) is picked up weekly on Thursdays and should be placed at the end of your driveway by 7:00 A.M. Trash must be placed within the green container to keep animals and birds from scattering it. Because the service uses "electronic arms" items placed curbside and outside of the green bucket are not picked up by the trash service as the driver does not get out of the truck. Items not picked up should be immediately removed by the resident and alternative arrangements made. Large items will be picked up only by special arrangement with a trash service and there will be an additional charge involved (contact the management company to schedule pickup).

RECYCLEABLES (Blue bucket)are picked up EVERY OTHER WEEK on Thursdays and should also be placed at the end of your driveway by 7:00 A.M.

HOLIDAY DISRUPTION: If a holiday disrupts the regularly scheduled pick up, the Management company will notify residents via email.